la Bajada


Route 66-Day 6: Amarillo to Las Vegas, NM

Not much of a lawn to sleep on at the KOA in Amarillo so up early to search for a Texas breakfast stop.  Not far down the road, we saw the perfect place, Cattlemen’s Cafe.  It isn’t a new establishment but it had a lot of local flavor.  Not being too mindful of where we were, I was wearing my Electric Auto Association tee shirt and my Plug In America ball cap.  We sat at the bar and looking around, I noticed that most of the diners were oil men.  While we were checking the menu, one of them started calling out “Tex”.  I didn’t think anything of it, at first, but then looked around and he was looking at me.  Then a woman walked in and started saying, in a loud voice, “he wants that car”.  After she repeated it about 10 times, I told Pat that if he hears me say “let’s get out of here” he should run for the door.  As it turns out, the cook was very interested in hearing about the car and so we had a good ole time talking about kilowatthours and regen braking and all sorts of EV things.  Actually, another patron came over and asked about it too.  I always said, any breakfast that you can walk away from is a good one and we walked away from the Cattlemen’s Cafe.  Went by the feed lots at Wildorado but didn’t stop.  Not much else noteworthy in Texas.  Crossed into New Mexico where you get these great views of plateaus.  We dercided to take the loop through Santa Fe and ended up in Las Vegas (NM) for the night.  Went into town and had dinner at Estella’s which has been in business more than 50 years and Estalla’s great grandson in the chef, now.  Got a couple of drops of rain, but nothing to speak of.  A high of 107, today.  Heading to Glorieta, La Bajada, Rio Puerco and Grants on the next leg.