Completed Day 1 and all is well

Left Sebastopol right at 8AM and made it to Clipper Creek, the charger manufacturer, in Auburn at 10:45.  Got a 70 amp charge there (probably the last for the trip until back in LA).  The Clipper Creek folks were extremely hospitable.  Had lunch in Auburn then took off to Boomtown, or Verdi, just across the Nevada border.  Got a 40 amp charge at the KOA in Boomtown.  Cabelas is right across the street from the KOA so did a little shopping there.  An amazing store.  I had never been in a Cabelas before.  Left Boomtown around 5:15 PM and headed to Lovelock.  Made good time to Lovelock by drafting a semi at 70 mph and still got 4.5 miles per kWh.  Lovelock is an oasis in the desert.  Had a great rib eye at the Cow Polk Cafe.

126 miles (30.23 kWh) to Auburn (Clipper Creek):  Charged at 70 amps for 2:15 hours;

92 miles (14.0 kWh) to Verdi KOA:  Charged at 40 amps for 1:30 hours;

100 miles (22.3 kWh) to Lovelock.  Charged all night at 24 amps;


2 thoughts on “Completed Day 1 and all is well

  1. We’re waiting for Day 2! You may be sorry you started this blog because of the pressure from your groupie fans like me. 🙂 Anita

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