Day 2, Lovelock to Winnemucca

Lovelock gave us incentive to get on road early.  The weather was beautiful.  Got into Winnemucca and had breakfast before going to the RV park to charge because the RV park was outside of town.  Had a great breakfast at the Griddle.  Walked up and down main street and saw some great old County buildings while the car was charging.  Left Winnemucca about noon and made good time by drafting semis.  Got into Elko around 2 PM and charged at Iron Horse RV park on the east end of town.  Walked to a nearby casino and had lunch.  Came back to find that the charger had kicked out.  Reset the charger and got the charge that we needed by 5:30 and headed to Wendover.  This was the third time that the charger had kicked out during a day charge.  No problems at night.  Arrived at the KOA in West Wendover at 7:30.  Slept in a KOA Kabin for the first time.  Not bad to sleep on a mattress (in a sleeping bag) instead of on the ground.  It is great driving on the Nevada roads because they so smooth and all you hear is the wind noise.


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