Day 4: Salt lake City to Rock Springs??

At 2AM it dawned on me that I had the 120 volt charging cord in the car so I plugged it in, even though it is a very slow charge.  Went down to the FedEx store in downtown to exchange the new mobile charger for the old.  The exchange worked out well and by 10AM we were back at the KOA.  The problem is that the replacement mobile charger doesn’t work either.  So, hopefully, Tesla can read the tea leaves in the data that I uploaded to their engineering department.  So, it looks like we’ll be here another night.  The silver lining is that, tonight, we are going to listen to the Mormon Tabernacal Choir rehearse for a weekend performance.  I’ll update when we get more info.


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Salt lake City to Rock Springs??

  1. Hi Alan – I hope the KOA circuit didn’t blow or something. Maybe you could try another plug there. This is probably something you already tried, but at least I get to add to your blog and let you know I’m following your trip. Best Wishes!
    John Palmerlee

    • The trouble is that KOAs and other RV parks only have three types of plugs. One is the NEMA 14-50 (50A/240V), one is 15A/120V and one is an RV, only, plug that is 30A/120V. Because of the communications with the car, all Tesla adapters have some kind of circuit in the adapters so I cannot make my own adapters because I don’t know what circuiot to include and Tesla doesn’t make an adapter for the 30A/120V RV outlet.

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