Day 5-Back on the Road, again (Finally!)

Josh, from Tesla, showed up right on time at 10AM with a couple of fuses for the PEM.  He found, however, that the fuses in the PEM were fine, it was the replacement mobile charger that was bad.  So, my  original mobile charger went bad and the first replacement mobile charger was bad-bummer.  Fortunately, Josh brought a third mobile charger with him which worked fine.  We let the car charge for about an hour to make sure everything was ok and took off for Rock Springs.  Didn’t take long to clear Utah and hit the high desert of Wyoming.  This area used to be the bottom of a big lake and has the largest deposits of trona (Google it).  Got a short charge in Lyman, where the Andersons were very friendly and hospitable like all KOAs that we have visited.  Saw some weather coming in while in Lyman and, sure enough, got a good lightning show on the way to Rock Springs (as was expected because we washed the car while waiting for Josh, this morning).  Rock Springs has 26,000 people, which is much larger than I expected.  A lot of mining and oil extraction around here.  Apparently, if you are looking for a job, this is the place to come.  Looking forward to having a trucker’s breakfast, tomorrow and hitting the road early.


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