Day 6-Rock Springs to Cheyenne

With the chgarging problems behind us, we got a good start on another perfect weather day.  Interstate 80 through Wyoming parallels the main east/west railroad line which is the same as the orignal Union Pacific line that was completed with the golden spike being driven in Ogden, Utah.  So we saw dozens of mile long trains all day long.  Rawlins, like everywhere we stopped in Wyoming, has a booming economy.  People say that they cannot find enough people to work, especially technical pwople,  With only 450,000 people in the whole state, no city is large, but Rawlins is one of the larger cities with 26,000 people.  Had a great lunch at Buck’s which has old sports and movie photos comvering the walls.  From Rawlins, we headed to Cheyenne by way of Laramie.  Before we got to Laramie, we crossed the Continental Divide.  After Laramie, we went over the highest summit of the San Francisco-to-Chicago trip of 8,200 feet.  We averaged 4.4 miles per kWh which is pretty good considering the car is as packed as it can get, has a rack on it and we crossed over 5 summits,  We had a different experience, today, a semi “drafted” us,  One followed right behind us for about 10 miles-don’t have a clue as to why he did it.  Cheyenne has some great old buildings, including the old Union Pacifid railway station which has been converted to a museum and a brewpub. We had dinner at the brewpub.  Good beer and food.  Sorry, the internet at this KOA is really slow and I cannot upload any photos.  I’ll have to do it tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Day 6-Rock Springs to Cheyenne

  1. Great to hear you’re back on the road. I wonder if at 8200 ft you have so much less drag that you get better efficiency. I think air density decreases at about 2% per thousand, and drag is proportional to the air density.

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