Day 7-Cheyenne to York, Nebraska

Started out on, yet, another beautiful day, although it is 102, now in Gothenburg, Nebraska.  It’s prairie from Cheyenne, east, so straight and pretty much level reoads.  Drove 160 miles without turning off the cruise control to the first charging stop in Ogallala.  Mostly prairie grass for cattle to Ogallala and then the corn and beans start and we’ll probably have them until Chicago.  There is not a KOA in or near Ogallala so we stopped at a non-KOA campground and headed off to the McDonalds across the interstate to get wifi to make reservations for tonight (the original KOA in Grand Island could not revise our reservation due to the delay in Salt Lake City).  Unfortunately, apparently, not long after we left the campground, the circuit breaker for the outlet that we were plugged into popped and shut down the charging.  So that caused a couple hour delay in our driving schedule.  Had another efficient drive day at about 4.5 mies per kWh.  Confirmed that we’re going to Pat’s hometown of Dyersville, Iowa on the way to Chicago.  Looking forward to meeting Pat’s family and seeing Dyersville.


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