Day 8-York to Newton Iowa

Crosseed the border into Iowa, today.  It was a good feeling because everything is running smoothly, now.  The car is still running very efficiently at 4.5 miles per kilowatt-hour.  It is still hot-93 degrees.  Each of the driving legs and charging legs are going as planned (exceptl in Oghallala).  You really get the feeling that this country could feed corn to the whole world after driving through Nebraska and Iowa.  Also, after driving a couple of thousand miles on I-80, I can tell you exactly how the undercarriage of semi-trailers are built.  We must have passed or been passed by a thousand or more and being so low to the ground, we get a good look at the underside of the trailers.  Every exit from the Interstate has restaurants and gas stations and all of them are being used.  It is big business.  We stopped in the Omaha and Des Moines KOAs, today, for charging and everybody was very nice and the facilities are well maintained and are clean.  We have been stayuing in KOA kabins and will be doing so, tonight.  Up till tonight, all of the kabins have been exactly  the same.  The kabin, here at Newton, however, is brand new and a different design.  A little nicer than the others and has a sink and toilet.  We have been taking in the local cuisine which is distinctly midwestern.  Looking forward to getting to Dyersville, tomorrow.  Going there by way of Waterloo on state roads instead of the interstate so it should be fun.


4 thoughts on “Day 8-York to Newton Iowa

  1. Alan – been following your charging trials! Looks like you’re within reach of the Windy City. Our friend Rafael is in Bejing area now, waiting. Keep up ur posts on this adventure, it’ fun reading.

    • HI Anita. I just figured out how to reply to a comment. I am trying to keep people reading the blog so I am minimizing my posting pfotos of me. Actually, I’m just trying to keep the blog short

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