Day 9-Newton to Field of Dreams (Dyersville, Iowa)

Another early start and another beautiful day for driving.  We decided to take the back roads, through the farmland, to go from Newton to Waterloo, where there is a KOA.  The overall trip isn’t far, but we wanted to build up some range in the car so we could give rides when we arrived in Dyersville.  Unfortunately, we didn’t notice in the KOA directory that the Waterloo KOA was not open for business, yet.  We didn’t figure this out till we got there and noticed that there was nobody in the kampground.  We decided to ask if there was power available, anyway, and, as it turns out, they had just connected the power to the outlets 3 days earlier.  So, while we charged, we got to hear about the plans for the park from the owner and manager (see photo).  The park will have a Southeast Asia theme and a large lake.  It will be very cool.  Then, an easy drive to Dyersville, the Lukan hometown and the location of the Field of Dreams.  First we got a tour of Dyersville, which has a Basilica that puts most European cathedrals to shame(see photo).  The architecture is impressive, but the interior design and finishes are spectacularly. beautiful with gold leaf trim.  It is worth going out of your way to see it(no joke)!  Then out to the Field of Dreams.  They have kept it up just like in the movie (see photo).  On the Tuesday afternoon, there were cars from 7 different states in the parking lot.  We shagged flies for a couple of guys from Dayton, Ohio, then got to hit (or try to hit) a few pitches.  It was great.  Just about everyone there would go out to the corn field and walk back in.  Going to be in Dyersville for the next day or two.


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