Start of Route 66-The Mother Road

Sorry for the late posting, but we did get off, yesterday, from the official start of Route 66 at Adams & Michigan in downtown Chicago.  Made it out of Chicago without a hitch and the first stop was the Kicks on 66 drive inn, in Cicero.  We also saw one of the first gas pumps on the route, the Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad Drive Inn, the giant Paul Bunyon (yes, Bunyon) and a nice Route 66 ear gas station.  We charged and had lunch in Normal (charged at the Normal Fire Station.  The Mitsubishi assembly plant for the iMiEVs is just outside of town, so we saw a lot of iMiEVs.   For the most part, the route is well marked but there are exceptions.  At McLean, Illinois, the sign was missing at an intersection where we needed to turn and so we sent 15 miles down a straight country road before we realized that something was amiss.  Because we are committed to driving every inch of Route 66, we went back to where we should have turned and got back on the right road.  We have also found that we can’t make as good time as I thought we could becasue the roads are winding and do not take the shortest directions.  So, instead of spending the night near St. Louis, we stayed at the KOA in Springfield, IL.  Answered some questions about the car for our KOA neighbors and they ended up inviting us to dinner.  They were two families from the Chicago area and it was fun hearing about what they do.  It was the first night in our tents and everything was good.


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