Route 66-Day 2: Springfield, IL to Cuba, MO

Got an early start and went back into Springfield to see Lincoln’s tomb, Lincoln’s home and the Lauterbach Muffler Man.  All of them are very impressive.  Then took off down state through towns like Farmersville, Litchfield, Staunton, Edwardsville, Mitchell and many others.  The nice thing is that we had to go on the Interstate for only about 5 miles.  The rest went through small town Illinois.  Had a little trouble near Staunton.  We came to a tee in the road and the Route 66 sign pointed right when we should have gone left.  The reason for this is that, in some places, there are two Route 66s, one that was used from 1926 until 1940 and one that was used from 1940 until 1966.  So the only sign sent us toward Benal and we had no idea that we were going wrong for about 5 miles.  Finally figured out that something was wrong after doing a couple of circles, and had to ask a local who was walking his dog where to catch Route 66.  Down near St. Louis, went across the Chain of Rocks Bridge, which goes on to an island in the Mississippi.  Made our way through St. Louis where we drove by the Arch and then stopped at the Jellystone RV Park to get a charge (non KOA after the KOA tried to retire on what he was going to charge us to charge).  Then ended up in Cuba, MO to tent it for the night.  Cuba is a great little town with murals on several buildings.  Had a delicious dinner at Missouri Hicks BBQ.  The car is still running flawlessly, even in the day’s 100 degree heat.


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