Route 66-Day 3: Cuba, MO to Baxter Springs, KS

Got another early start.  We’re doing this because the 100+ degree temperatures during the day.  It hits the 100 mark around 10 AM and stays above 100 until about 9 PM.  A mile from the Ladybug, we happened upon the world’s largest rocker.  It is only four years old and steel construction so it will be there a while.  Cruised down the country roads through the Ozarks which are hilly and thickly wooded.  Had a great breakfast at Diana’s Diner in Rolla, just a few miles southwest of Cuba.  Diana gets in at 3:30 in the morning and handmakes all of her baked goods.  From Diana’s, 66 heads southwest through towns like Doolittle, Devil’s Elbow, Hazelgreen and Lebannon.  Route 66 goes over several old steel bridges.  While the bridges and very cool to look at, 3 of them, in Missouri, have been closed and so it was a challenge to find our way around the bridges and get back on 66 because there are not a lot of side roads.  Stopped for lunch and a charge at the KOA in Springfield (Missouri).  This was the first RV park to say that they are planning to install charging stations for EVs.  From Springfield, 66 heads west to the northen outskirts of Joplin, near the Kansas border.  Nice rolling hills that are fun to drive.  Near Carthage, we stopped at the biggest drive in theater that I have ever seen.  It was good to see that it was well maintained.  We wanted to get into Kansas, that night so we can say that we spent the night in each of the states on 66.  Route 66 is only 13.1 miles long in Kansas.  We found the Riverside RV Park in Baxter Springs that is run by the City.  To get a spot, you phone the police department and they send officers out to unlock the electrical box.  So, two of Baxter Springs’ finest came out and made sure that we got a good connection and also recommended several sights to see through Oklahoma.  Baxter   Headed through Springs is the home of Mickey Mantle. Feeling a lot more comfortable making sleeping arrangements on the fly.  Headed through Quapaw, Sequoya, Tulsa and Chandler, today.


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