Route 66-Day 5: Choctaw to Amarillo, TX

Made good time, today.  Still hot with the high of 102.  The Route 66 roads through western Oklahoma and Texas are straight as an arrow but go through low ravines of about 100 feet deep so we are going up and down a lot.  We did a little test and found that we got a lot better mileage by not using the cruise control, but just not moving the accelerator pedal as we go up and down the ravines so go fast down the hills and slow down going up the hills.  Using this technique, we covered 340 miles at an average of 4 miles per kWh.  With the air conditioner on all day, that is pretty good.  We went through Edmond, Calumet, Hydro and Weatherford before stopping at the Elk City KOA for a charge.  Before stopping, we saw the Round Barn in Arcadia, the Giant Pepsi bottle at the Pepsi Fillin Station and Giant Milk Bottle in Oklahoma City.  The Route 66 roads are deserted so we are lucky if we see another car every 10 minutes.  After getting the charge we head west and leave Oklahoma for Texas.  Late in the evening, we passed the leaning water tower and the “tallest” cross.  Don’t know if it the tallest cross anywhere, but it is big.  At dusk, the road was covered with Texas-sized grasshoppers which covered the grill of the car.  Got to the KOA outside of Amarillo after dark but there was one spot left so everything worked out well.  On to Wildorado, Adrian, Glenrio and New Mexico, tomorrow.


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