Route 66-Day 7: Las Vegas to Gallup, New Mexico

Since Las Vegas is a little out of our way, we decided to head toward Santa Fe to find a place along the way for breakfast.  Turns out the only one we found outside of Santa Fe was the Old Santa Fe Trail Café and it was closed.  Disappointed, we headed into Santa Fe and found, what we voted as, the best breakfast restaurant so far, the Tecolote Café (tecolote means owl).  The Tecolote is owned by the founder’s daughter and her husband, Matt.  Matt and their son were at the table next to ours so we got the history and the future plans for the restaurant.  Then headed southwest and stopped at la Bajada, the location of the most dangerous section of the old Route 66.  This is where the road had steep switchbacks that traversed the face of a 600 foot high plateau.  You can still see where the road was cut into the hill.  It was about 4 miles of a washboard dirt road to get there from the state highway.  Stopped in Albuquerque for a charge and an early dinner.  High, again, of 100 degrees, but the Roadster is still running great.  Batteries getting a full charge.  Drove through the evening and arrived in Gallup at about 10:30.  Lucky to get a site because the national junior rodeo is taking place in Gallup, this weekend.  Crossing over into Arizona, first thing in the morning and going through Houck, Goodwater, Joseph City and Jackrabbit.


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