Route 66-Day 8: Gallup to Seligman, AZ

First time we have spent two nights in the same state.  Never thought that I would say this, but I got a good sleep when I slept on asphalt between the railroad tracks and the airport.  On the way out of Gallup, we stopped at Garcia’s for breakfast.  Carlos, the owner, is the chef and his special with a tomale is delicious.  Outside of town, the original 66 turns into dirt with a washboard surface, again.  I don’t think that the car was designed for this.  In Holbrook, stopped at the Wigwam Motel.  Too bad we couldn’t stay there.  Still not having to drive the Insterstate very much so we go through towns like Jackrabbit which has two or three structures.  Made it to Winslow for lunch took the obligatory photos on “the corner”.  They have done a good job in Winslow with the Route 66 history.  Had lunch in the La Posada Hotel which was beautifully remodelled.  Headed to Flagstaff across the plains and climbed up to about 7,400 feet.  Flagstaff is a great town.  A lot of nice old buildings in the middle of  pine and fir forests.  Ended up in Seligman for the night.  High of 107, today.  Had dinner at Lilo’s, a local dinner.  Seligman has several buildings decorated in the Route 66 motif.  On to Peach Springs, Hackberry and California, tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Route 66-Day 8: Gallup to Seligman, AZ

  1. Just caught up on your travels … All sounds good and hot! Hope you missed the storms. What an adventure and the Tesla looks like it’s doing you proud. Enjoy the next part of the journey I think you might touch Colorado?

    • Hi Sabina,

      Thanks for the note. We were lucky and for a few days were one day ahead of the storm. Seeing as we were camping, I would rather have the heat than the rain. We didn’t quite make it into Colorado. Route 66 goes straight from Texas through New Mexico and Arizona, so it is south of Colorado. It was a fun trip.

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