Route 66-Day 9: Seligman to Barstow, CA

We found that it is better to hit the road early in the morning so we can get as much driving in as possible in the cooler weather.  It was 107 in Needles.  The campground was east of Seligman so we drove through Seligman, this morning, and the town has done a good job of decorating many of the buildings in the Route 66 motif.  Then headed through Peach Springs, Truxton and Hackberry before getting to Kingman.  Those three towns are really small (all that is in Hackberry is a mile post) with the only real sign of civilization being the Hualapai Indian Nation in Peach Springs.  Had breakfast at Mr. D’s Diner in Kingman.  The walls of Mr. D’s are covered with pictures and posters from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s so it was fun to eat there and the food was good too.  Between Kingman and the California border, Route 66 departs from the Interstate by quite a bit, like it did between Seligman and Kingman.  Went over a summit and got a great views of the high desert near Needles.  We arrived in Needles around noon and it was deserted.  I have to assume that everyone goes to Lake Havasu to keep cool.  Like the morning drives, most of Route 66 between Needles and Barstow is separate from the Interstate and goes through the high desert and towns like Goffs, Danby and Amboy.  These towns have one or two buildings.  As with the drive to Chicago on Interstate 80, the drive on Route 66 parallels railroad tracks and it seems we would see a mile long train every 15 minutes, or so.  It’s nice to know that so much freight is being shipped by rail.  For the first time, we had to stop and wait for a train on this leg.  Entering Barstow you see a huge solar power installation and a Marine Corps base.  Because of strong head winds and the unexpected elevation gain, we pulled into the KOA with only about 25 miles on the range meter.  On to Hodge, Helendale, the Cajon Pass and Santa Monica, tomorrow.


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